Artist Statement

Art engages a sensory experience to understand and express thoughts and emotions beyond the confines of language. It is a path of revealing an intangible portion of awareness to surroundings. Objects and scenery I face everyday collectively become forms I encounter in my work, which I depict only the silhouettes. Through refined language of minimalist abstraction, lines and forms eliminate contextual interpretations, resonating with pure emotions. 

Whilst creating paintings, I work on several canvasses at the same time, interchanging lines and brushstrokes between canvasses. Lines flowing across canvasses and juxtaposed to one another form abstract shapes that create pictorial spaces. Through linear and malerisch approaches in painting, I convey finding connections and contrasts in defining two-dimensional picture plane. I like my work to act as a space that embraces invisible and intangible, inviting viewers to bring a new connotation as they travel through the picture plane.